Wednesday, 7 January 2015

STWW: Fitness - Tips for Sticking To It

I realize my STWW posts are generally about making others' lives and the environment better (while hopefully enhancing your life along the way) so I wanted to do a post just for you. Exercise is not just great for your health but for your mind and mood as well! I'm sure many of you have decided to get fit for the new year and I'm hoping these tips help.

I really, really, really hated working. Really.

But as I get older, I'm realizing that I can't just eat anything I want, not work out and be healthy. I'm in my twenties and fatty foods no longer melt off my body. I couldn't walk up the stairs and talk at the same time without panting (I bring shame to my family). So I finally decided to join a gym and I've been going twice or three times ever since. And guess what: I love it!
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So who better to give you tips that someone who hated working out?

1. Do something you'll enjoy. I cannot stress this enough: if you hate your workout, you will not stick to it. You have to do something you enjoy and make working out something you look forward to. I hate running. I hate how my ears and jaws get cold, I hate people watching me as a puff along and I'm pigeon-toed so the insides of my feet would get painfully sore. So I don't run - it's that simple. The easiest and most fun way to start working out is by joining a class. The gym I joined has great Zumba, yoga and kickboxing classes and so I do that!

2. Start slow. You don't have to go to the gym every single day - you're allowed to have rest days and cheat days and lazy days. I go twice, maybe three times a week. And it's okay because I used to go no times a week and even my comparably small effort is huge.

3. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's okay if you can't work out as fast as everyone else - go at your pace and gradually build yourself up every workout. I'm probably a lot younger but a lot slower than many of the women there but I try not to compare myself or bring myself down. I push myself just a little harder each week and it really does get easier over time.

4. Do what's convenient. When choosing gyms, I was tempted by a gym that was a twenty minute drive away because it was significantly cheaper than my current gym (a two minute drive). But my mom reminded me that I'm not a huge fan of the gym in general and if I had to make more of an effort to get there, I wouldn't get there at all. And looking back, this was entirely right and the extra $15 a month was worth it.

Hopefully these tips help you start and stick to a healthier lifestyle! Let me know what tips you have for gym-bunny-wannabes! 

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