Monday, 5 January 2015

Tips for Keeping Hydrated During Winter

A few of my favourite hydrating products.
The bane of my existence is how dry my skin, lips and hair get during winter. Dry skin, chapped lips and frizzy hair tells me that there's a 40% chance it's already snowing (just call me the Canadian Karen Smith).

In the hopes of dryness not being a problem for you too, Here are 3 tips for keeping hydrated during these cold months:

1. Moisturize. This sounds like common sense but it doesn't hurt to reiterate this point. Use heavy hand creams, intense moisturizers, hydrating body washes, deep-treatment conditioners; double down on every hydrating product you use for the next four months. The minutes of greasiness after initially applying the creams are worth not needing to scratch yourself, seeing dry patches and feeling tight for the rest of the day.

2. Use a humidifier while you sleep. This tip isn't so common sense. I used to save my humidifier for the nights I had a dry cough as it helps me sleep better. Recently I've started using it daily since I realized that it really helps my skin and lips too, not just my dry throat. Since the air is much drier during winter, I have to refill my humidifier every other day as a opposed to once a week during the summer, but it's worth it. I would recommend every house get one, if not for the cold dry months, for your poor dry throat.

3. Drink water. Another common sense one but it always is ignored. Water is probably the most effective way of beating dryness during winter. All the moisturizers in the world aren't half as great as a glass of water. I keep a Nalgene bottle (say no to plastic disposable bottles!) beside me at work and often end up drinking over 2 liters a day. I also keep a mug full on my bedside table and gulp some down before bed and soon as I wake. I would go so far as to say that there's no point doing anything else to hydrate your skin if you aren't going to drink water.

For my winter lip routine, check out this post! And my favourite hydrating hand products can be found hereLet me know if any of these tips work for your or if you have any tips to combat winter dryness!

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