Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Favourite Blogs!

Desk image from WeHeartIt

I've really, really, really been enjoying reading blogs lately. Ramadan had my hungry self needing ways to pass time quickly and so here are four blogs I've read and loved for so many months.

The Blushing Giraffe was one of the blogs that inspired me to start blogging. Iqra has fantastic posts on beauty and lifestyle and I'm always discovering something new! She writes in-depth reviews where she looks at all aspects of a product and gives her honest opinion. Definitely a blog I feel I can trust and turn to when in need of a review!

Read any post on Simplicity Relished and you can tell how great Daisy is. It's such an amazing lifestyle blog that's made me sit and reflect (more than once, more than ten times). She shares great tips on minimalism, saving money, being more happy and each post truly enriches my life. Her photos are stunning and her words are so sensible and kind - one of my absolute favourites!

I got more into Vivianna Does Makeup after watching Anna's YouTube channel. Her "virgo" qualities inspires me to be a lot more neat and organized. A daily dose of lifestyle and beauty can be found on her blog and I love the effort that's put into it. Her writing is very easy to read and shows a lot of personality in it which is always a lovely thing.

Vanessa is easily one of the funniest writers and her hilarious blog, Citron and Guavaberry, is chockful of funny and honest reviews. Her commentary and opinions are conveyed in her words and fonts and I always love reading her posts. I don't think there's a post I've read where I haven't smiled!

Check out these fantastic ladies above - you won't regret it! What are your favourite blogs - leave recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Foxy Originals (+ Giveaway!)

Review of a Canadian jewellery store and giveaway!
I've been getting more conscious about shopping local, lately. Not only is it great for your country's economy, it's great for the environment too: less gas needed for transportation as the goods aren't moving too far!

I was contacted a couple months back by Foxy Originals and, after seeing their website, I jumped at the chance to work with them. Their pieces are simple while being stylish. Even their smaller necklaces are the perfect statement pieces as they're glamorous and add a punch without being too overwhelming. While I fell in love with a couple necklaces, I noticed they also had beautiful rings, earrings and bracelets.

Their jewellery is made in Canada (Toronto, to be specific!) which makes me love the brand even more. Quite a few of the pieces are made of pewter and plated with geniune 14 Karat Gold, silver or copper which is surprising as the prices are reasonable.

But what good is me gushing about a brand if I can't give a little something to you guys? Readers of The Sunday Wardrobe have the chance to win the gorgeous necklace from above - it's made from fine pewter and plated in 14 K gold. It's also reversible, one side being black and gold with the other being blue, green and white. It's almost like having two necklaces!

Some things to note:
1. This giveaway is open internationally!
2. The giveaway will close on Thursday, July 31st at Midnight (Eastern Time Zone, UTC: -5:00)
3. The winner will be chosen at random and I will notify them via Twitter
4. Once the winner has been announced, they will have 24 hours to respond, after which a new winner will be selected.
5. The prize is the gorgeous reversible necklace as seen above and you have to enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck readers!

*Anyone who has previously entered a giveaway from The Sunday Wardrobe and liked/followed the above links only to unlike them after the giveaway has ended, will be banned from this and future giveaways.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

5 Facts About Myself

My favourite posts are generally where I get to learn more about the writer - it's part-curiosity, part-nosiness but mostly the "human" interaction of learning about the person behind a screen. I don't want to just be a faceless writing robot - I'd love for you guys to know more about me so here are 5 quick facts:

1. My favourite colour is gold: I realize it's a very odd favourite colour. I just think it's beautiful (the lighter shades being my favourite) though, oddly, the only thing I own that's gold and isn't my jewellery is my wallet.

2. I'm a feminist - if you hadn't guessed by some of my previous rants. It just means I believe in equal rights for men and women. Giving women more rights and respect doesn't mean you're taking anything away from men - it's about equality.

3. I don't like caramel. I don't mind eating chocolates with caramels in them but I don't like caramel sauce or eating caramels on their own. I'm a chocolate kinda person.

4. I'm quite shy. When I was younger, I didn't like meeting new people because I was always nervous to speak to them. It didn't mean I was quiet - I was quite loud and talkative with my friends and family. I just didn't like unfamiliar faces. I'm not as shy as I was when I was younger (not even close) but I still don't speak much in large groups with people I don't know.

5. I have a very sensitive nose. When my family and I were moving apartments, I was coming to see a new place and I asked my mom if someone had thrown up in the hallway. She told me that someone had when she'd come by 2 days ago - she couldn't smell it anymore but I could!

Any similarities? Comment below (or tweet me @SundayWardrobe) a fact or two about yourself - I'd love to get to know you! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Aztec Healing Clay

Review of Aztec Healing Clay
I don't like when things are on my face - I never use a towel to wipe my face, I don't like when people touch my face and it's why I'm so lazy when it comes to masks. I hate sticky masks, I hate messy masks, I just don't like masks.

But there's one mask I make the exception for (actually, two but we'll get to that another day) and it's the Aztec Healing Clay. This mask got a lot of hype a few years back and I never really understood why. The fact that I could only find it online really bothered me and so I just never tried it. Then on a particularly bad skin day, I bit the bullet and ordered two jars of this stuff. I can't remember where I ordered it from but it only cost around $8 per jar and so I only ordered two to make the free shipping minimum.

Review of Aztec Healing Clay
This is a natural one ingredient product (pure bentonite clay) which I've been very into lately. I've used this mask weekly for months and it surprises me every time. It's a clay mask and perfect for any skin type though I wouldn't do it weekly if my skin were on the drier side. It's drying but not too drying and it just gives your skin a fresh glow. It's great for when you have an event that evening as your skin looks so much brighter though this only lasts for a day or so. I haven't found another mask that's as great as this and, for the price, I doubt anyone can.

What's your favourite face mask - natural or not? Leave any recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Eyeliner Edit

Review of Eyeliners: Sephora, Hard Candy, Rimmel, Almay
When it comes to eyeliners, I tend to gravitate towards drugstore brands (which may be why they're the bane of my existence). I use them frequently and go through them quickly so I can't justify dishing out over $15 each time I need an eyeliner. I go for liquid eyeliners as I generally find they're the darkest, easiest to apply and easiest to wash off so here's the breakdown on my current and past liners:

Sephora Collection Dramatic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner: I've written a review about it before and while I like how long it lasts and the applicator, the colour leaves more to be desired. It just isn't black enough - though the fact that I line over gold shadows may be a contributor to that fact. I think I would repurchase it again because, as you'll soon read, it's a fairly good liner relative to the others I've come across. The price tag isn't too steep either which is always a plus.

Hard Candy Walk The Line: while this liner hits the nail on the head for colour (it's seriously dark), its applicator is the worst I've come across. It's a flimsy little brush that bends every which way and can leave you with raccoon eyes if you're not gentle. It lasts a fairly long while without smudging or running which is great. For those who don't have the steadiest of hands, I do not recommend this and despite it's lasting power and colour, I won't be repurchasing this product.

Rimmel Scandalize Micro Eyeliner: This was by far the most disappointing for the bunch. The pencil like applicator was very welcome after the Hard Candy liner but the pen dried out within a couple weeks and it wasn't dark at all. Even after going over the line a few times, the colour remained a light black (grey-ish?) which just looked like I was using a drying liner (which I was). I will definitely not be repurchasing this at all.

Almay Liquid Eyeliner: I've been saving the best for last - this is hands down my favourite liner. It's as dark as the Hard Candy liner and has the best applicator - stiff without being hard. It comes in a little pot with the applicator on the cover; this makes it sound like a gel liner but it's very much liquid. It also doesn't travel around much though it's not waterproof and will smudge/wipe off easily. It also doesn't dry out quickly which means you can use it for months on end, depending on how frequently you wear eyeliner. It's becoming very hard to find which is a drawback but I can definitely see why. I will always, always repurchase this product.

What are your favourite eyeliners - drugstore or high end? Why? Leave a comment down below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites

June Favourites include Fashion and makeup!
I'm honestly stunned that it's already June - this month was a busy whirlwind and I can't believe it's come to an end! I don't have very many favourites mainly because my May Favourites are holding strong but I did want to talk about a couple things because I can't just not.

Neutrogena Shine-Control Primer has been mentioned many times on this blog - a review dedicated to this product was a rave. It's still one of my favourite primers as it's so great at controlling oil/shine. I apply it to my T-Zone under my foundation and I feel confident that my face won't shine up during the day. It lasts for a good 5-7 hours, depending on the temperature and how active I am, before I need to powder so it's perfect for all-day events.

Buxom's True Nude Lip Foundation in Revealed was mentioned in my Nude Lips for Darker Skintones post and it's definitely been a favourite this month. It's a very creamy lipstick and it's not dehydrating and lasts ages on the lips. I love that there's no transfer on this and I absolutely love that it's a nude for my skin tone!

ASOS has possibly the best customer service of any store I know. I've been ordering off the site for years and I've never had any problems until this month - to which they efficiently fixed any mistakes. An order of mine was lost in the mail and their service was quick in sending me a replacement order. They also maintained good communication with me so I wasn't freaking out about my money possibly being wasted/lost and I was always kept in the loop!

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow Liner was mentioned in my Quick Day to Night Products post and I use it when I'm running from work to an event. Using it in the inner corners of my eyes adds a little brightness to my otherwise tired eyes. I love that it's a pencil so I can use it quickly and neatly - important for when I'm in a rush! It doesn't rub off easily which is an added bonus though I wish there were more shades for this product!

What have been your favourites this month? Comment or link them below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!