Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

The red-brown isn't showing up as well as I hoped, unfortunately. But it's a gorgeous colour!
If you follow me on twitter (shameless plug: @SundayWardrobe), you would've recently seen me show some love to Sally Hansen for their Insta-Dri formula. As usual, I'm going to share my review based on a criteria: colour, formula/application, and longevity.

These are two of my favourite winter month colours (Cinna-Snap and Slick Slate). The first is a reddish-brown colour and the latter is a simple grey - both colours look different on the Sally Hansen site than when applied so I'll encourage you to check them out in store (mine were from Wal-Mart but any drugstore would have them). I love that they're bold while being neutral and I've had these bottles for a couple years and I consistently reach for them. There are also many colours in the range, perfect for any month/season.

My formula/application criteria refers to how easy it is to apply and how many coats are needed. It could be because they're dark colours but I find one coat is enough though I do two for good measure. I also LOVE (check it, capitalized and bolded) the brush. It's a wider, flat brush that makes for incredibly easy application and even distribution. *Update: this nail polish doesn't bubble up as it dries (a reader asked) and it does dry within the minute! Great for me as I have the habit of smudging my nail polish because I'm impatient to sit quietly as it dries*

The one complaint I have is longevity; I do find that these polishes chip after a couple days despite a top coat. It could be me as I've only found one formula that doesn't chip on me (I'll do a review of that polish soon). I would love it if these lasted longer as they are so wonderful. 

I will definitely be buying more of these polishes as I just can't get enough of that easy-application and one-coat colour! Have you ever tried out Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri? If so, what were your thoughts? What are your favourite nail polish brands?

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