Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review: OMG NailStrips

Nail strips were unchartered territory for me; I've seen them, I've liked them but I never tried them because I've always been worried I wouldn't be able to apply them correctly and I'd mess it up. Then along came OMG NailStrips which opened my eyes to the wonderful world of nail strips!   
I chose the Geometric Nail Strips* ($7.99) and the Houndstooth Nail Polish Strips* ($7.99) because I preferred monochrome designs as I still wasn't sure how I'd wear it. Firstly, their service was prompt and the order came within a week or two. The company offers free shipping which is always a bonus in my eyes. Their packaging is also simple and effective with no fuss which I love - nothing screams wasteful like styrofoam, tissue paper, bubble wrap and cardboard all for something that couldn't possibly break in the mail! These nail strips aren't terribly expensive, most of them costing $7.99 and the company also offers foil strips for $4.99. There is a wide selection of patterns but, the safe, unadventurous person that I am, would love to see more "plain" strips - though there is definitely something for everyone there! 

There were clear instructions in the back of the packaging and, though they were simple, I got nervous at the thought of messing it up. I didn't - they were so easy to apply and shape to my nail and they looked great! 

I applied a topcoat to it as instructed and I'm happy to show how my nails looked after 7 days: 
While the cheap polish chipped my other nails (I reapplied it every other day), the OMG NailStrips had only a tiny couple chips which weren't noticeable. They claim to last 10 days and, if that's the result after 7, I'm confident their 10 day claim is not bogus. 

I feel like I'm late to jump on the nail strips bandwagon but I'm definitely in love now. It's perfect for vacations where you don't want to constantly worry about your manicure - you just apply the strip, add a topcoat and you're free and fabulous for 10 days. 

Have you tried any nail strips before? If so, what were your favourite brands? Comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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