Wednesday, 14 January 2015

STWW: Charlie Hebdo and the Ridiculousness of Generalization

I'm going to start off this post by saying, of course, that I condemn and am horrified by the recent attacks in France. It's shameful and cruel that a couple of extremists are doing heinous crimes "in the name of Islam". I am a Muslim and I have to make it clear that their religion is not mine - I view my religion as a way of peace, of showing kindness and of making myself better (my STWW are inspired by my Islam) while they are abusing the name of Islam and using it to justify their sick and unjustifiable actions.

But I am also horrified by ignorant people who are looking at all Muslims as though it is our fault. Anyone in their right mind would condemn this brutal attack, why is it that Muslims have to specifically condemn it and apologize for it? Two mentally unstable individuals do not represent the thoughts, minds and actions of billions of people around the world. I would never expect all American males to apologize when a few mentally ill American males choose to gun down kindergartners and high school students. In fact, I would be enraged if someone expected something of that sort. People are more than just their religion and generalizing everyone of that religion, based on extremists and terrorists, is shameful.

I'm grateful that I haven't personally faced this sort of discrimination but my aunt, who has been living in America for decades and wears the hijab (head-scarf), was yelled at and had a waterbottle thrown at her as she walked on the street. My old, kind aunt who tries to feed everyone who comes into her home and has a warm smile and generous heart.

To keep things light, I'm going to hand it over to Aziz Ansari who tweeted the ridiculousness of this generalization best:

Let's remember to stay kind to one another, to never generalize and to try to see the good in everyone. It's not about "Us versus Them", it's not about religion and it's not about money- it's about humanity. Peace and love to ALL.

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