Friday, 28 November 2014

Review: Sephora Collection Dramatic Line 24hr Felt Eyeliner

Note to self: Don't use product names as a post title, it's a mouthful.

Today I'll be reviewing the Sephora Felt Eyeliner - my savior after many disappointing liquid/gel liner purchases. I usually buy my eyeliners from the drugstore as I wear eyeliner almost everyday and I can't justify spending over 20 dollars on a product I will have to buy frequently.

I have three requirements when it comes to black eyeliner. Firstly, it must be black, not grey, not brown, not almost black but black. Secondly, it has to be long lasting - I wear makeup to work and school so it's on my face hours at a time and I need to know it doesn't just smudge off. Lastly, it should be easy to apply; no mess, no fuss. 
My skin looks jaundiced here but ignore my skin and focus on the lines!
This product ticked two of the my three boxes - it has amazing staying power and the pen applicator makes it so easy. I love the tip as I can do thin or thick lines. This particular one is waterproof and I'm not entirely sure there is another option. The one box it does not tick, however, is that it isn't black. It takes two or three swipes to get it to the colour I want though, in its defence, I put it over glittery gold eyeshadow.

Verdict: I will probably be purchasing this again, it's a great product and doesn't break the bank!

What are your favourite eyeliners? 

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