Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Favourite Holiday: Eyeshadow

Come Christmas season, I think it's entirely acceptable to have glittery golden lids, all day, everyday. Actually, I think glittery lids are acceptable any time of the day/month/year but they're more appreciated during Christmas.

This Inglot eyeshadow (I can't find it on the site, I picked this particular one up from Dubai two years back) is one of my favourite products of all time. I generally use it to brighten up my inner eye but I'll also use it all over my lid for an extra bit of glam, then using a dark brown shadow in my crease and on the outer corners of my eyes. This shadow incredibly pigmented, lasts all day and there is no fall out. The colour is a golden bronze though it's showing up orange in the pictures. It's the perfect shade of gold, in my opinion; not to yellow, not too orange but the happy medium. If I had to choose the perfect eyeshadow, this would be it.

I can't sing its praises enough. This is the one product I will always use and will always promote. It's actually my second pot: I bought the first one over 5 years back when an Inglot store popped up in my local mall. The store closed a year later which was awful, especially when I dropped my pot and the shadow smashed. Unfortunately there were no other Inglot stores in Toronto and so I would gingerly open my shadow to use it, careful not to let any of the precious powder fall. Three years back I went to London and was gutted to know that a mall I frequented had an Inglot store that I didn't know about and never visited. Finally I had the chance to visit Dubai and made sure to check if there was an Inglot there. I realize that I sound obsessive and crazy but that should illustrate how much I loved (and still love) this shadow! I literally tracked it across countries and continents. I bought another pot of this shadow and I've been careful not to drop this one. There's now an Inglot in Toronto which I haven't visited yet but if I ever find this eyeshadow, I will be sure to let you guys know. 

What are your favourite shadows for this season? Any one beauty product you're obsessed with?

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