Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Haiku for Argan Oil

What better way to start of December than with a little poetry:

Argan Oil, so pure
Good for hair, face, neck, hands, skin
Still on bandwagon.

If you couldn't tell by that awful haiku, I love Argan Oil. I was late to jump on that bandwagon and I still haven't gotten off. There are many uses for this magic oil. Some of the ways I use it are:

For My Eyes: I dab a tiny amount of Argan Oil underneath my eyes for maximum moisture without the burning feeling that my retinol eye cream gives me. It's not something that would give instant results but I feel that's the case for any anti-aging eye product: you'll only reap the rewards come your forties and fifties.

For My Neck: I apply this on my neck after a shower, again, for anti-aging purposes.

For My Face: Whenever my skin is particularly dry, a couple drops of this oil does the trick. Sometimes I mix it with a moisturizer so it's easier to apply. It absorbs beautifully overnight and doesn't feel greasy at all. 

For My Hair: I apply this to the ends of my damp hair and it makes my dry locks feel a lot more smooth and moisturized even after I blow dry/straighten it. It doesn't feel greasy for me since my hair is so dry but use it with caution if you have normal or fine hair. It can also be used as a hair mask before a shower.

Argan Oil is expensive, especially the Josie Maran vials from Sephora that cost the same as a kidney and/or other expendable organs. I buy 100% Pure Argan Oil from Loblaws for the same ingredient at a fraction of the cost.

What are your favourite multi-purpose products? Any natural oils that impress you?

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