Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Following up with my STWW post on using less tissues, I know a lot of people use makeup remover wipes which is not only bad for the environment, but not good for your skin either. Aside from requiring more than one wipe to get the make up off your face, they take up time and don't do a thorough job. So here are some effective make up removers that help your skin and the environment.

The Ultrabland Cleanser by Lush was my very first review on this blog. The cleanser is probably the priciest one of the lot and it's due to the mostly natural ingredients. Ultrabland did a good job of removing make up and keeping the skin hydrated though, in my opinion, the hydration was a little bit much for my oily-combo skin. At first I would just think my skin is unclean before realizing that it was just incredibly moisturized. It's something I would repurchase for its technical performance and the fact that it's all natural but the price tag is too high for me (considering what's coming up next).
The Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser is something I mentioned in my February Favourites. It's a wonder, you rub some on your dry face and wipe off with a washcloth. This leaves your face feeling so moisturized and clean and I can't get enough of it. I tend to use it for when I wear my daily, light makeup as I don't need a heavy duty cleanser - I've used it on heavy make up but it doesn't pack as much punch as my next product.
The Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil is a surprising find and very quickly became a favourite. I'm on my second bottle already, this stuff is magic! I rub the oil over my dry face and rinse off and it leaves my skin squeaky clean with no traces of make up in site! One complaint is that it is a little drying but it's nothing a moisturizer can't fix. I'm not giving this bad boy up for anything!

What are your favourite non-tissue cleansers? Why do you love them? Comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe

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