Wednesday, 13 May 2015

STWW: Just a Funny Story

Just a quick, funny story this STWW - hopefully it brings a little laughter in your day!

I had a recent, summer epiphany to try and bake a s'mores brownie pie. I bought the graham crackers, the brownie ingredients and halal marshmallows (I'm Muslim and this uses either a fish, vegetable or cow gelatine, unlike the usual pork gelatine - similar to Kosher marshmallows) and set out the rest of the day to test this recipe, bake a brownie pie and take some photos for the blog.

I made the pie and added the final touches: the marshmallows, ready for browning! I set the oven to broil, didn't think I'd need a timer since it would only be in for a minute and turned my back to the oven, to check my emails.

A quick backstory: I'm forgetful. I'll put water to boil for tea and forget I'd wanted tea in the first place. When my mom asks me to make something and, much later, asks if it's done, my first response is "Oh yeah!" as I rush to start the task. I'll pop something in the oven and only remember it's done when I smell burnt food.

Two minutes later, my brother asked "is something burning?". I spun around to see my pie on fire. I began freaking out and asking my mom to call 911. She told me to keep the oven closed and get away while she called in. Being a chemical engineer, I should have remembered that all I needed to do was suffocate the fire (ie keep the oven closed) and fire would extinguish itself. In my frantic state, I forgot and and panicked.

One minute later, the fire was out (of course) but it was too late, the fire truck was on it's way. Two minutes, two fire trucks, one cop car and five firemen later, my home was filled with giant men in fireproof gear investigating a fire that no longer existed. All they found was a very black pie and a very embarrassed woman.
I was so incredibly embarrassed but thankfully they were so nice about it and told me I did the right thing. Tip: try not to use a fire extinguisher in  your oven because it damages the oven beyond repair.                                            
So this STWW: remember to use a timer! Share your funny baking stories below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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