Wednesday, 25 March 2015

20 Ways to Feel Happier

It's spring! Despite the sun and the anticipation of summer, spring means exam season and it's easy to feel down when you spend all day in the library staring at your books or computer screens. Here are 20 (out of 34) things to do to make you feel happy:

1. Listen to music - fast, happy tracks, not melancholy ballads!
2. Plan a vacation - it doesn't have to be far, just give yourself something to anticipate.
3. Remind yourself of how amazing you are.
4. Work out - sweating gets those endorphins going which is great for your mood (and body).
5. Go outside.
6. Meditate
7. Read a positive message
8. Talk to someone in real life.
9. Take a cozy bath.
10. Stop to smell the (blooming) flowers.
11. Drink a glass of milk - milk contains tryptophan which helps create seritonin.
12. Go deep - have a deep conversation with someone, get to really know them.
13. Play with a puppy/kitten.
14. Send someone an email saying how much you appreciate them.
15. Get enough sleep.
16. Spend money on experiences - buy a board game and have a games night!
17. Think of happy memories.
18. Celebrate little victories - good job on studying for an exam that's still days away!
19. Count your blessings.
20. Give back, even if it's paying for someone's coffee or helping someone study.

What do you do to make yourself happy? Comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe. Let's spread the happiness!

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