Monday, 9 March 2015

Neutrogena Mornings

My skincare routine in the mornings is very, very simple. I wash my face with cold water, spritz on some toner, apply moisturizer and I'm onto make up. When it comes to moisturizer, I believe a good one is crucial as it is something you leave on your face for hours at a time. I don't believe that the more expensive a product is, the better it is as Neutrogena is a drugstore brand that impresses me time and time again.

I've been using Neutrogena products for years, trying out their toners, face washes, and body washes and I always come back to their moisturizers. If you've been a consistent reader of this blog, you'll know that their Deep Moisture Night Cream was a game changer for me.

Another game changer is their Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 55). Sunblock has the tendency to make you look ghostly, shiny and smell funny but all three problems have been solved in this miracle tube. This sunblock, while providing SPF 55, isn't shiny at all and you cannot detect it on your skin unless you use flash photography (as is the case with any SPF product). There is no smell and it is easy to apply as it isn't sticky. It also doesn't make me break out; I've been using it for the Summer and Winter months and I have no complaints.

Another product I use daily is their Oil Free Moisture (SPF 35). As you can see, I'm doing my best to be proactive against wrinkles and skin cancer. It is non-greasy and moisturizing while providing that ever important SPF. I use this for both winter and summer months but, with this harsh winter, I've been using the night cream during the day and saving this for warmer days.

Have you tried any Neutrogena products? What were your thoughts? What's your favourite sunblock/day cream? Leave a comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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