Wednesday, 25 February 2015

STWW: Tips for Spending Less

It's rather ironic that I have a beauty blog that advises you to buy different products and I'm writing this post telling you to stop. But this is something I've been trying for a few months - there have been moments of weakness and lapses but, overall, I think I've been doing a pretty good job of spending less.

I would spend a lot of money on make up, food and clothes. I was addicted to online shopping (since I hate trying clothes on in-store) and it is the devil's work: shopping from the comfort of your bed is exactly what a lazy shopaholic like me needs. But my lack of savings forced me to rethink my spending habits and so here are a few tips that have helped me spend less:

1. Try to avoid malls (or don't bring your wallet): my biggest problem was that I'd go to malls with my mom "just to walk around" since it's too cold to do so outside. When I did this, I'd spend money on things I didn't need and clothes I wouldn't wear. I found that it was easy to not spend money when you literally couldn't.

2. Sleep on it: a new Forever21 opened up in our local mall and I went in a dropped quite a lot of several items. I went home and, feeling guilty about my purchases, I began to think, do I really need this? After a few nights, I realized I only needed (or really, really, really wanted) 2 out of 5 things I bought. So I went back and returned them. Having several days to mull over what you want is a good way to show that it's just a want, not a need. Before you buy something, take a couple days to think of if you really need it and you may realize that you don't.

3. Give yourself a time span: one way I began controlling my spending was setting myself a time span: I wouldn't spend money on unnecessary things for this month. After the month passed and I realized how much I'd saved, I would push it to another month. Gradually, I realized that I was capable of not spending and so, now, I don't find the need to.

4. Shop around: if you really need something (and time isn't a factor), shop around. You may find similar and cheaper products in other stores or even on Amazon and Ebay. Take your time to spend smart.

I hope these tips help you spend less and save more - it can be quite difficult but, ultimately, worth it.

Is spending less something that you'd want to try? Do you have any tips for spending less? Leave your comments down below!

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