Sunday, 15 February 2015

I just can't get enough..

I've been using these for months and this is the one product I continuously repurchase time and time again. The Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner is creamy and long lasting. Their neutral shades are the perfect "your lips but better" colours and I use these pencils every single day. I use Enchantment underneath my Flower Lip Suede Lip Chubby (see review here) for the perfect bold pink and the liner helps the lipstick last much, much longer.  Epic has become my perfect nude, a brown colour that looks pink-brown on my lips. These liners lasts for hours and through drinks but starts to rub off slightly after eating. I find they work best under moisturizing lipsticks because they are slightly drying (emphasis on the word slightly - my lips don't feel dry but they don't feel moisturized either). The fact that you won't need to sharpen them is a bonus and I will probably be repurchasing this product for a good long while. 

Have you tried these lipliners? What did you think? What is the one product you continuously go back to? 

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