Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Quick Day to Night Products

I've been having days where I run around at work and then have to rush straight to going out with friends. While the latter is enjoyable, I hate not being able to go home, shower and apply my make up  properly as it is a step I enjoy. After months of doing this, I've found 3 easy products that take me from day to night and take less than five minutes to apply.

The first is the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow; this silky smooth liner is perfect for adding some brightness to the inner corners of my eye. A step I usually do with eye shadow can be quickly done with this pencil for the same result. After I draw on the liner, I smudge it slightly with my fingers to make it seem as though I took the time to use an eye shadow instead.

The second product is probably of more use to all of you who wear just mascara to work and that's eyeliner. While this step takes more time, it definitely adds drama and dresses up any look. In a rush, I wouldn't faff around with a pot of gel liner and a brush and so I opt for my Sephora Collection Dramatic Line 24hr Felt Eyeliner. You can read here for a full review. A quick feline flick does wonders!

The third, easiest and common way to dress up is wear a dark lip. Dark lips are the perfect way to transform your look from work to play and I often reach out for my favourite lip products to achieve a plum-coloured pout. Even if you skip the previous two steps, this step alone is enough to get you from day to night.

What are your favourite day to night products? Anything that's quick and easy to use?

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