Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Autumn Hat

Random Note: I had the idea for this blog post weeks back and so I photographed my hat weeks ago. I sat down to write the post today and looked at the photos I'd shot and I've just now realized how ridiculous it was to use my bedside flowers as a model for this hat. So forgive the ridiculous pictures!

As soon as summer rolls around, I whip out my wide-brimmed straw hat that goes with practically anything. This is a favourite of mine because it's not only fashionable but functional too: it keeps the sun out of my eyes and keeps me cool. A lot of my sun- and heat-loving friends make fun of me for the sheer size of this hat but I love it anyway.

When I noticed the trend of wide-brimmed, soft, floppy hats for Fall, I couldn't help but get excited. One of my favourite trends was now almost year round! I immediately went on the hunt for a Fall hat and found a wine coloured one from Marshalls ($25) that I fell in love with. 

This hat originally had a black feather on it but I cut it off at the risk of looking like Yankee Doodle. I love the colour of this since it's bold but still goes with everything. I also love that it hides any greasy roots and protects my hair from rain! I love pairing it with neutral colours and generally opt for ivory or oatmeal tops when wearing this hat. 

I can't find this particular hat online but similar ones can be found here, here and here

Are you a hat person? What are your favourite fall accessories? 

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