Sunday, 16 November 2014

Documentaries I Highly Recommend

What a creative title. I bet you can't tell what this post is about.

With darkness creeping up on us earlier everyday, there's nothing I like doing better than curling up in bed under a furry throw or a fluffy duvet, and watching Netflix. I've been on a documentary kick lately and these are the three documentaries I've watched and loved. They have nothing to do about fashion or beauty but my interests are diverse and I think it's important to expand our horizons (cue inspiring music). I warn you that my descriptions are horrendous and do not do these documentaries any justice but if you bear with me, I'm certain you'll enjoy them and learn a thing or two. 

1. Miss Representation: This eye-opening documentary shows how powerful women are underrepresented and how the media trivializes women's roles in society. Women are noticed for their appearances while their words and ideas go unheard or even ridiculed. Despite the growing awareness of the gender divide, feminism is still considered a dirty word. This documentary shows us how and why it's important to empower women and to rightly give them the credit they deserve. 
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2. Forks Over Knives: If you need a reason to eat healthy or become a vegetarian, this is it. This documentary debunks myths about vegetarianism using scientific evidence and gives reason as to why a plant based diet is beneficial for all of us. It shows how food plays a huge part in treating diseases, curing ailments that medicine cannot. This documentary, amongst other things, inspired me to start have a vegetarian week each month (and, as a huge carnivore, this is no easy feat!).

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3. Park Avenue: If you weren't disgusted by the greed and selfishness of those living in 740 Park Avenue, you will be now. This documentary shows how money rules our governments - lobbying and deep pockets make for bills and laws that favour the wealthy while leaving many Americans in poverty, unable to get out of their dire financial situations. Did you know that many of the Billionaires living in Park Avenue pay less taxes than their secretaries? 

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Let me know if you've seen any of these and whether or not you liked them. What documentaries or shows have you been watching lately? Or have you read any controversial, eye-opening books that you'd like to share?

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