Sunday, 11 October 2015

My Lens Lately

Food: Halal Gummies/Gummy Candy!
Halal Gummy Candies - Gelatin is made from animals and so, as a Muslim, I'm always on the hunt to find gummies made from beef or fish gelatin rather than pork!
These past few weeks have been absolutely overwhelming; aside from a full time job and tutoring on weekends, I've been taking a night course at University and working on applying for post-grad jobs. I've hardly had a moment to sit and blog and it's been driving me crazy. Blogging is something very important to me: it's a way to relieve stress, to discuss things I'm interested in and to have a voice. The blogging community is a loving, beautiful family and there's a real sense of community here. While I love writing about beauty products and social issues, a love for photography is something I've discovered from blogging. Though I'm still a novice, I've started noticing everyday things in a new light and, thankfully, my iPhone does a pretty good job of capturing them. Hope you like what I've seen through my lens lately!

Nature and Woods in Mississauga, Ontario
The woods behind my house
Krispy Kreme Donuts
What is it about Krispy Kreme that just makes me so darn happy?
Miniature Cactus from Ikea
Finally got my hands on a miniature Cactus from Ikea!

Muji Gel Pen Drawing Designs
For me, drawing and doodling are some of the best stress relievers!

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