Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What's in My Bag

What's in the purse of The Sunday Wardrobe
I've had a revelation lately where I've just started writing things that I want to read. I read a lot of blogs and while I love the content and reading other styles of writing, there's been a few things I'd like to read that I couldn't really find. So I thought, why not create the content I want to read and hopefully it'd inspire others to do the same!

I love having a nosy around other people's purses - there's a lot you can tell about someone and there's a lot to learn from peering in other people's handbags. I find that while a lot of "What's in My Bag" videos are quite similar, there are always one or two items that I suddenly realize are essential for everyday use and I need in my bag. I don't like carrying big bags as they're quite heavy and easily knock things down in small, crowded stores, so I've streamlined my purse to the bare essentials. Just an FYI, my purse is from Charming Charlie.

In terms of boring, sensible bits: obviously there's my phone and wallet. This is really a card holder that I got from ASOS. I got it because, as you can tell, my purse is really quite small and my large wallet was a tad too chunky for it. Unfortunately, I didn't read too closely into this card holder and it is genuine leather (I feel awful every time I glance at the label). However, there are many animal friendly, non-leather card holders on the site and I'd encourage all of you to get one!

I usually wear contacts and by the end of the night, my eyeballs are so dry, they're ready to pop out of the sockets. Given that pleasant mental image, I carry around eye drops and my glasses so I can slip out my contacts when they're getting unbearable. I also carry hand sanitizer (you would not believe how many times this has come in handy) and hand cream (for when my hands get dry from the sanitizer). Tissues are another essential that we often overlook but is a great emergency tool. And gum is a must for me - I love garlic-y, fragrant foods that aren't so kind to my breath.

In terms of makeup and beauty, I'm fairly low key - a mirror to check my face, chapstick because I have the driest lips in the world and only two (!) lip products. The colours of the lip products change depending on the lip colour I'm wearing that day but generally Rimmel's Kate Moss in 107 and Buxom's True Nude Lip Foundation in Revealed do the trick! And of course a hair tie and a few bobby pins are thrown in for good measure (and bad hair days)!

There you have it, a pretty wordy post for something that can easily be seen in a picture. If you needed absolutely one thing in your purse (phone and wallet aside), what would it be? Comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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