Saturday, 1 August 2015

My Summer Base

Base products with reviews for Neutrogena, Benefit, Tarte, Laura Mercier and Covergirl

This summer has been really experimental for me - I've taken more chances with makeup and mixing foundations and I think I've finally figured out my summer base. This is a little heavier than my everyday make up (ie, nothing) and I like how it looks and it's lasted well through the sweltering heat. Disclaimer, I have combination oily skin so the products I use are to mattify my skin. Proceed with caution if your skin is dry!

First off, I prime my face with my absolute favourite primer, Neutrogena's Shine Control Primer. I apply this bad boy on my t-zone as that's where I get the oiliest. I then go in with Benefit's Porefessional Primer on my cheeks to ensure my makeup lasts well. This combination has been a winner this summer and I'm very impressed.

Next I use Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation in Tan Deep - I've always had very mixed reviews on this since the formula is fantastic but the colour isn't the best. Thanks to my tan, this colour now suits me very well and so I've been really enjoying this foundation. It has good coverage and lasts hours without getting greasy - a summer winner.

I'm fairly fortunate to not need concealer under my eyes but I have been highlighting below my eyes, along the bridge of my nose and between my brows with a combination of two parts Covergirl's Ready Set Gorgeous Conceealer in Medium/Deep and one part Laura Mercier's Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Suntan. The concealer is a bit drying - great for me as my skin gets oily as the day goes by but it's not one one for dry-skinned people. The concealer is effective while the foundation is to ensure that the concealer highlights without looking too white on me - drugstores and their lack of testers and return policy are the bane(s) of my existence.

I don't powder as most of the products I use are mattifying/drying but I find that this base doesn't wear off or slip around too much. I can get a good 6 hours before looking a bit worn which is fine for me as this is my "I'm finally getting out of the house and going to an event" base.

Have you tried any of the products? What was your opinion on them? Comment below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe with your base products!

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