Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Aztec Healing Clay

Review of Aztec Healing Clay
I don't like when things are on my face - I never use a towel to wipe my face, I don't like when people touch my face and it's why I'm so lazy when it comes to masks. I hate sticky masks, I hate messy masks, I just don't like masks.

But there's one mask I make the exception for (actually, two but we'll get to that another day) and it's the Aztec Healing Clay. This mask got a lot of hype a few years back and I never really understood why. The fact that I could only find it online really bothered me and so I just never tried it. Then on a particularly bad skin day, I bit the bullet and ordered two jars of this stuff. I can't remember where I ordered it from but it only cost around $8 per jar and so I only ordered two to make the free shipping minimum.

Review of Aztec Healing Clay
This is a natural one ingredient product (pure bentonite clay) which I've been very into lately. I've used this mask weekly for months and it surprises me every time. It's a clay mask and perfect for any skin type though I wouldn't do it weekly if my skin were on the drier side. It's drying but not too drying and it just gives your skin a fresh glow. It's great for when you have an event that evening as your skin looks so much brighter though this only lasts for a day or so. I haven't found another mask that's as great as this and, for the price, I doubt anyone can.

What's your favourite face mask - natural or not? Leave any recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @SundayWardrobe!

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